Aggravation of Class Struggle Under Socialism - Chinese Case

Chinese Case

Mao Zedong developed Stalin's idea further, saying that there is the possibility of an entire bourgeoisie developing inside the Communist Party leading a socialist state before the establishment of communism. Mao stressed the supposedly domestic roots of that bourgeoisie, while Stalin focused more on presumed Western spies. According to Mao, the bourgeoisie inside the party aimed at the restoration of capitalism. Mao also held that "peaceful evolution" was the goal of the foreign capitalists, and that the restoration of capitalism could happen from within, without war, if there were an ebb in the class struggle.

Upon the death of Mao, Deng Xiaoping rejected Mao's theory of the "bourgeoisie in the party" and as a result opened the doors to a restoration of capitalism in China.

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