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Skull Bearers (Shannara) - Role in The Series - Prior To and During First King of Shannara
... In lives long before First King of Shannara, Brona and his followers were Druids ... Rather than stop, Brona and his followers left, taking a magical tome named the Ildatch with them ... However, the Ildatch subverted them, causing Brona to morph into the Warlock Lord, a being with great psychological powers, including the power of telepathy ...
Enchanters Three - Character Biography
... The original three Enchanters are Forsung, Brona and Magnir, sorcerers whose power is amplified by the Living Talismans in their possession ... Brona and Magnir are first encountered by the Asgardian warriors Balder and Sif, who follow the pair and decide to conquer Asgard and then Earth ... God Thor of the impending threat, unaware that Brona and Magnir are following ...
Flick Ohmsford - Plot Summary - History
... However, a rogue Druid named Brona and a few followers left, taking the Ildatch with them this magical tome had subverted their minds and had brought. 250 years later, Brona began the First War of the Races when he convinced all Men to attack the other races ... Two and a half centuries after the First War of the Races, Brona returned as the Warlock Lord, now with Skull Bearers as his servants ...

Brona may be:

  • a legendary Anglo-Saxon king, son of Baeldaeg, son of Woden, ancestor of the kings of Wessex.
  • a fictitious character from The Sword of Shannara, see Warlock Lord