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Sunfire (comics) - Fictional Character Biography - Rogue
... Working with them was a girl called Blindspot, who at the time was allied with the Brotherhood and who had the power to erase and restore memories ... Mystique would later cut her ties with Blindspot, who she did not trust ... Since she always erased her tracks once a contract ends, Blindspot wiped the minds of everyone who was involved so no one would remember her ...
Rogue (comics) - Fictional Character Biography - Brotherhood of Evil Mutants
... Rogue and Mystique associated briefly with a mutant named Blindspot, whose power to erase the memories of others by touch somehow counteracts Rogue's ... Blindspot and Rogue become good friends, but when Mystique decided to sever professional ties with Blindspot, Blindspot erased all memory of her from both Mystique and Rogue in order to protect ...
Spider-Man's Powers And Equipment - Powers After "Brand New Day" - Psychic Blindspot
... I'm safe." Peter later describes it to Mister Fantastic as a "psychic blindspot." When confronted with any evidence which could lead to the realization that Spider-Man is Peter Parker, those affected will be ... The psychic blindspot power's magnitude is high enough to fool even Daredevil's senses, who can normally identify people with the sound of their ... know again Spider-Man's identity, as the psychic blindspot power was enough to even fool his heightened senses, and thus he did not want to compromise that protection ...