Afrique may refer to:

  • Afrique (album), a 1971 album by Count Basie and his orchestra
  • Afrique Airlines, an airline based in Cotonou, Benin
  • Air Afrique, a Pan-African airline
  • Africa, in French

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Moussa Okanla - Selected Publications
... Microfilms International, 1982) ”Les concepts de sécurité en Afrique”, in UNIDIR, Afrique,Désarmement et Sécurité (New York Publications des Nations Unies, GV.EF.91.0. 11-36 - "Après la Guerre Froide, quel role pour l'Afrique? (forthcoming) ...
Autre Afrique
... L'Autre Afrique was founded by Paris-based journalist Jean-Baptiste Placca in 1997, as a response to the clichéd and often reductive depiction of Africa in the Western media ... In contrast L'Autre Afrique sought to inspire a different reading that reflected the diversity of opinion, the multiple realities, unique terminology and complexities ... L'Autre Afrique was thus characterised by rigorous investigation, in-depth analysis, detailed coverage and on-the-ground reportage ...
Achille Mbembe - Books
... 1985 Les Jeunes et l'ordre politique en Afrique noire, Éditions L'Harmattan, Paris 1985 ISBN 2-85802-542-5 1996 La naissance du maquis dans le Sud-Cameroun, 1920-1960 histoire des usages de la raison en colonie ... essai sur l'imagination politique dans l'Afrique contemporaine. 2005.) 2000 Du Gouvernement prive indirect 2010 Sortir de la grande nuit – Essai sur l'Afrique décolonisée ...
Army Of Africa (France) - Post-Algerian War
... the exception of a reduced Foreign Legion and one regiment of Spahis, all units of the Armée d’Afrique were disbanded or lost their former identity between 1960 and 1965 ... A small unit of the Infanterie Légère d'Afrique was maintained in French Somaliland until that Territory became independent in 1977 ... However, one regiment each of Chasseurs d'Afrique, Tirailleurs and artillery (68e Régiment d'Artillerie d'Afrique) have been re-established to maintain the ...