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Military History Of South Africa - Modern Liberation Movements
... (or MK), translated "Spear of the Nation", was the active military wing of the African National Congress (ANC) in its fight against the South African apartheid regime ... It was classified as a terrorist organisation by the South African government and media, and subsequently banned ... for the dismantling of apartheid, and was finally integrated into the South African National Defence Force by 1994 ...
Southern Rhodesia African National Congress
... The Southern Rhodesia African National Congress (SRANC) was a political party active between 1957 and 1959 in Southern Rhodesia (today Zimbabwe) ... Committed to the promotion of indigenous African welfare, it was the first fully fledged black nationalist organisation in the country ... Rhodesia, and was the original incarnation of the National Democratic Party (NDP) the Zimbabwe African People's Union (ZAPU) the Zimbabwe African National Union (ZANU) and the Zimbabwe African ...
Air Rhodesia Flight 825 - Background
... majority rule the Chinese-aligned Zimbabwe African National Union (ZANU), mostly comprising Shonas, created the Zimbabwe African National Liberation Army (ZANLA), while the ... Officials from Muzorewa's United African National Council, sent to the provinces to explain the Internal Settlement to rural blacks, were killed by communist guerrillas ... According to South African military historian Jakkie Cilliers, negotiations between Smith and Nkomo progressed well and "seemed on the verge of success" by ...
Cape Agulhas Local Municipality - Politics
... In the election of 18 May 2011 no party obtained a majority the African National Congress (ANC) and the Democratic Alliance (DA) each obtained four seats, with the ... Democratic Alliance 12,046 48.2 4 ... African National Congress 10,325 41.3 4 ... Independent 919 3.7 1 – 1 National People's Party 626 2.5 0 ... Congress of the ...

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    The white man regards the universe as a gigantic machine hurtling through time and space to its final destruction: individuals in it are but tiny organisms with private lives that lead to private deaths: personal power, success and fame are the absolute measures of values, the things to live for. This outlook on life divides the universe into a host of individual little entities which cannot help being in constant conflict thereby hastening the approach of the hour of their final destruction.
    Policy statement, 1944, of the Youth League of the African National Congress. pt. 2, ch. 4, Fatima Meer, Higher than Hope (1988)

    While I do not think it was so intended I have always been of the opinion that this turned out to be much the best for me. I had no national experience. What I have ever been able to do has been the result of first learning how to do it. I am not gifted with intuition. I need not only hard work but experience to be ready to solve problems. The Presidents who have gone to Washington without first having held some national office have been at great disadvantage.
    Calvin Coolidge (1872–1933)

    ... the Black woman in America can justly be described as a “slave of a slave.”
    Frances Beale, African American feminist and civil rights activist. The Black Woman, ch. 14 (1970)