AES may refer to:

Standards, systems, and methods
  • Application Environment Services, a component of Digital Research's GEM windowing system
  • The Advanced Encryption Standard
  • Advanced Encryption Standard process, the process used in choosing an algorithm for standardization as AES
  • AES instruction set, an x86 microprocessor architecture addition improving Advanced Encryption Standard implementation
  • Poly1305-AES, a message authentication code (MAC) written by Daniel J. Bernstein
  • AES3 or AES/EBU digital audio interface standard
  • Automated export system, the system used by U.S exporters to electronically declare their international exports to the Customs and Border Protection
  • Audio Engineering Society
  • Auger electron spectroscopy, an analytical technique in surface chemistry and materials science
  • ICP-AES (Inductively Coupled Plasma - Atomic Emission Spectrometry), a machine to measure electromagnetic radiation emitted by atoms at a wavelength characteristic of a particular element
  • Acoustic echo suppressor with regards to telecommunications / VoIP
  • Avaya Energy Saver or AES, an automated energy saver for Ethernet systems
Organizations or groups
  • 43d Aeromedical Evacuation Squadron, a unit of the 43d Operations Group, 43d Airlift Wing at Pope AFB, North Carolina
  • AES Corporation, a Fortune-1000 company that generates and distributes electrical power
  • Amateur Entomologists' Society, a UK organisation for people interested in insects
  • American Education Services, a loan-servicing corporation operated by the Pennsylvania Higher Education Assistance Agency (PHEAA)
  • American Elasmobranch Society, a professional society devoted to the study of chondrichthyans (sharks, skates, rays and chimaeras)
  • Asian Educational Services, a New Delhi (India) based publishing house
  • Audio Engineering Society, a group representing the professional audio industry
  • Aes Sedai, a fictional society in the universe of Robert Jordan's Wheel of Time book series
  • AES Data (Automatic Electronic Systems), a former Canadian manufacturer of computer hardware based in Montreal
  • Ålesund Airport, Norway, from its IATA code
  • American Embassy School in New Delhi, India
  • Ascension Episcopal School, a private school in Lafayette Parish, LA
  • Aes is the Latin word for "bronze" (see especially æs Corinthiacum) or "bronze coin":
    • aes rude, an ingot of bronze used as proto-currency in ancient Italy
    • aes signatum, stamped bronze used as currency
    • aes grave, the first cast bronze Roman coins
  • Aes (album), a single-track EP by Skepticism
  • AES Railcar an electric railcar used in Chile
  • Neo Geo AES, a cartridge-based arcade and home video game system released in 1990
  • Academy of Environmental Science, a school in Crystal River, Florida, USA

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List Of Schools And Organizations Related To Forensic Entomology - Organizations - Australian Entomological Society
... The Australian Entomological Society (AES) now with more than six hundred members, is one of the most prevalent biological science organizations in Australia ... AES began August 17, 1965 and had its first public meeting in Melbourne in January 1967 ... important goals to inspire the success of the AES, these goals included “Acquiring wealth, setting a high attainable standard of excellence, having a clear central purpose and source of inspiration, and finally ...
Stranski–Krastanov Growth - Monitoring SK Growth - Wide Beam Techniques
... Analytical techniques such as Auger electron spectroscopy (AES), low-energy electron diffraction (LEED), and reflection high energy electron diffraction (RHEED), have been extensively used to monitor SK growth ... AES data obtained in situ during film growth in a number model systems, such as Pd/W(100), Pb/Cu(110), Ag/W(110), and Ag/Fe(110), show characteristic segmented curves like those presented in figure 4 ... of surface coverage Θ, initially exhibits a straight line, which is indicative of AES data for FM growth ...
... may be studied by downloading a copy of the latest version from the AES standards web site as AES53-2006 ...
Aes Signatum
... Aes signatum (Latin, "stamped bronze") consisted of cast lumps of bronze of measured quality and weight, embossed with a government stamp, used as currency in Rome and central Italy before ... The earliest aes signatum bars were not cast in Rome proper, but in central Italy, Etruria, Umbria, and Reggio Emilia ... half or three quarter bars, or minor smaller pieces which could be classified as aes rudes ...