In Greek mythology, Aegialeus (also Aegealeus, Egialeus) is a name attributed to several individuals.

  • Aegialeus (king of Sicyon), one of the sons of the river god Inachus.
  • Aegialeus (king of Argos), elder son of Adrastus, a king of Argos
  • Aegialeus was, in a tradition followed by Pacuvius, Justin, and Diodorus, the name given to the son of Ae√ętes, who was murdered by Medea.

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Diomedes - Early Myths
... At the funeral of their fathers, the sons of Seven Against Thebes (Aegialeus, Alcmaeon, Amphilocus, Diomedes, Euryalus, Promachus, Sthenelus, Thersander) met and vowed to vanquish ... The main battle took place at Glisas where the warrior Aegialeus (son of King Adrastus of Argos) was slain by King Laodamas ... died of grief when he learned that his son Aegialeus had perished in the battle at Glisas ...
Argos - In Greek Mythology
... Adrastus bequethed the kingdom to his son, Aegialeus, who was subsequently killed in the war of the Epigoni ... his son-in-law Tydeus and daughter Deipyle, replaced Aegialeus and was King of Argos during the Trojan war ... eventually the kingdom was reunited under its last member, Cyanippus, son of Aegialeus, soon after the exile of Diomedes ...