Advanced Fashion Design and Technology

Advanced Fashion Design and Technology is the manufacturing process related to fashion which integrates the newest technologies.

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Trans-cultural Diffusion - Medieval Europe
... A noteworthy example of diffusion theory is the massive infusion of technology into Europe between 1000 and 1700 CE ... early Middle Ages, Byzantine and Asian societies were far more advanced than Europe, however, the era beginning in the High Middle Ages reversed that balance and resulted ... Diffusion theory has been advanced as an explanation for this shift in technological development ...
Ancient (Stargate) - Technology
... Ancient technology is among the most advanced encountered in the Stargate universe rivaled only by the Ori, who are the same race as the Ancients, and the Asgard who ... the Stargates and Atlantis are perhaps their most famous, but they have also developed technology as diverse as flying cities, advanced power sources, advanced healing devices and DNA Resequencers ... Much of the Ancients' weapons technology was used or designed for use in the centuries-long war with the Wraith in the Pegasus Galaxy ...
Advanced Fashion Design And Technology - Databases
... The fashion industry has been using databases to aggregate and organize information specific to the industry ... Traditionally, fashion companies depend on sales associates to complimentary clothing recommendations for customers ... Fashion Library databases An example of a useful database that is the National Fashion Institute of Fashion Technology's Virtual Fashion Library (VFL) in India ...
... In the classic 1956 science fiction film, "Forbidden Planet", the extinct race of advanced beings of the planet Altair IV are known as the "Krell" ... The Krell had reached a stage of technological and scientific development so advanced that they were able to construct a machine with virtually. 8,000-cubic-mile (33,000 km3) machine was so advanced that it gave physical form and life to their Id ...
Dinocephalia - Description
... and the Eotitanosuchidae, the Dinocephalia are the least advanced among the therapsids, although still uniquely specialised in their own way ... small dentary) shared with their pelycosaur ancestors, although they are also more advanced in possessing therapsid adaptations like the expansion of the ilium and more erect limbs ... In more advanced forms, the heels on the lingual sides of the incisor teeth met to form a crushing surface when the jaws were shut, allowing the grinding up of plant matter ...

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    The real accomplishment of modern science and technology consists in taking ordinary men, informing them narrowly and deeply and then, through appropriate organization, arranging to have their knowledge combined with that of other specialized but equally ordinary men. This dispenses with the need for genius. The resulting performance, though less inspiring, is far more predictable.
    John Kenneth Galbraith (b. 1908)

    You can make as good a design out of an American turkey as a Japanese out of his native stork.
    —For the State of Illinois, U.S. public relief program (1935-1943)

    Your rat tail is all the fashion now. I prefer a bushy plume, carried straight up. You are Siamese and your ancestors lived in trees. Mine lived in palaces. It has been suggested to me that I am a bit of a snob. How true! I prefer to be.
    Raymond Chandler (1888–1959)

    I don’t say ‘tis impossible for an impudent man not to rise in the world, but a moderate merit with a large share of impudence is more probable to be advanced than the greatest qualifications without it.
    Mary Wortley, Lady Montagu (1689–1762)