Advanced Fashion Design and Technology - Databases


The fashion industry has been using databases to aggregate and organize information specific to the industry. Below are some examples of such databases.

1. Mix-and-Match databases

The mix-and-match database is a database that is being used in Hong Kong. Traditionally, fashion companies depend on sales associates to complimentary clothing recommendations for customers. The mix-and-match database essentially does the same thing, but in a different way. In order to use this database all clothes in the store have to be tagged with a radio frequency identification (RFID) tag. In addition, each fitting room has to be equipped with a computer monitor. When a customer brings a clothing item with a RFID tag into the fitting room, the computer monitor will identify the garment, and display photographs of complementary items using the database.>

2. Fashion Library databases

An example of a useful database that is the National Fashion Institute of Fashion Technology's Virtual Fashion Library (VFL) in India. This database is specifically organized to meet the needs of India's fashion designers. The VFL's most useful tool is the its Fashion Image Inventory. The inventory includes three image banks: the Indian fashion museum, the virtual swatch library, and archives of fashion shows. The Indian fashion museum contains pictures and videos of Indian costumes and dress throughout various historical periods. The virtual swatch library includes a collection of fabrics from all over India which helps designers select fabrics and patterns made in India. The archives fashion show contains videos of India's top fashion runway shows.

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