Address Translation

Address translation or address resolution may refer to:

  • Address Resolution Protocol or ARP, a computer networking protocol used to find out the hardware address of a host (usually a MAC address), when only the network layer address is known
  • Reverse Address Resolution Protocol or RARP, a protocol used to find the network layer address of a host, based only on the hardware address. This protocol has been rendered obsolete by both BOOTP and DHCP
  • Domain name system or DNS, which is used to translate network addresses to human-recognizable domain names
  • virtual-to-physical address translation

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CPU Cache - Address Translation - Page Coloring
... To understand the problem, consider a CPU with a 1 MB physically indexed direct-mapped level-2 cache and 4 kB virtual memory pages ... Sequential physical pages map to sequential locations in the cache until after 256 pages the pattern wraps around ...
IP Address Exhaustion - Post-exhaustion Mitigation - Transition Mechanisms
... In ISP-level IPv4 NAT, ISPs may implement IPv4 network address translation within their networks and allocate private IPv4 addresses to customers ... where many broadband providers use Carrier-grade NAT, and offer publicly routable IPv4 address at an additional cost ... tunnels from the customer premises equipment to a network address translator at the ISP ...
Gerrit Blaauw - Career
... He designed a revolutionary address translation system, the "Blaauw Box", which was removed from the original System/360 design, but was later used in IBM's ... Subsequently Data Address Translation (DAT) hardware of a somewhat different design was incorporated in the important IBM System/360-67 computer ... Virtual memory address translation capabilities similar to those on the S/360-67 were subsequently included in all models of the IBM System/370 computer ...
HLH Orion - Microcodeable Orion - Main Memory
... Logical to physical address translation was carried out using a set of address translation tables ... The translation tables were cached in the CPU resulting, in most cases, in an overhead of only one microinstruction when performing address translation ...

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