Adam Liszt

Adam Liszt

Adamus Liszt - (Ádám List) (December 16, 1776 – August 28, 1827) was a Hungarian musician of Austrian descent and father of composer and pianist Franz Liszt.

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Adam Liszt - The Last Time
... The house in Raiding, birthplace of Franz Liszt Maria Anna Lager, Adam's wife (portrait made by Julius Ludwig Sebbers between 1826 and 1837) ...
Life Of Franz Liszt - The Child Prodigy
... On September 20, 1823, the Liszt family left Vienna for Paris ... To support himself and his parents, Liszt gave concerts in Munich, Augsburg, Stuttgart and Strasbourg ... The next day, Adam Liszt together with his son went to the Conservatoire, hoping the child prodigy would be accepted as a student ...
Anna Liszt - Life - Early Life
... The earliest known ancestor of Liszt is his great-grandfather, Sebastian List, who was one of the thousands of German migrant serfs locally migrating within the Austrian Empire's territories (around the area ... Liszt's grandfather was an overseer on several Esterházy estates he could play the piano, violin and organ ... The Liszt clan dispersed throughout Austria and Hungary and gradually lost touch with one another ...

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