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List Of Miami Vice Guest Appearances
... The list of Miami Vice guest appearances is a list of actors/actresses to have appeared on the popular 1980s American television series, Miami Vice ... The show included actors and actresses as well as musicians, celebrities, and athletes ... Throughout the show's run most guest actors/actresses appeared once, while others appeared multiple times ...
S1 No. 1 Style - Actresses
... its foundation, the S1 studio has been known for having some of the best known and most popular actresses in Japanese AV Chinatsu Abe Yua Aida Sora Aoi Rin Aoki Yuma Asami Ayumi Ayukawa Meisa Hanai ...
Mounira El Mahdeya - Career
... theatrical traditions of the time, she had the typical appearance of actresses of her time, with large eyes blackened by Kohl makeup and short wavy hair ... pressure of time constraints on the actresses, she began her career in 1917, interpreting male roles as Romeo and Mark Antony ... Before that, female roles were performed by actors or Christian or Jewish actresses ...
Meisa Hanai - Life and Career
... Like only a few other Japanese AV actresses, among them Maria Ozawa, Tina Yuzuki, Saori Hara and Anna Ohura, she is of mixed heritage ... group of companies and known for developing popular actresses ... to the AV industry, she broke into the DMM list of the Top 100 Actresses by sales from their website for the last half of 2007, ranked at #8, and for the first half of 2008 ...

Famous quotes containing the word actresses:

    I don’t know why people think child actresses in particular are screwed up. I see kids everywhere who are totally bored. I’ve never been bored a day in my life.
    Jodie Foster (b. 1962)

    ... actresses are such very dull people off the stage. We are only delightful and brilliant when we are doing what we are told to do. Off stage we are awful chumps.
    Dame Edith Evans (1888–1976)

    ... actresses require protection in their art from blind abuse, from savage criticism. Their work is their religion, if they are seeking the best in their art, and to abuse that faith is to rob them, to dishonor them.
    Nance O’Neil (1874–1965)