Accuracy International Arctic Warfare - Users (7.62×51 Mm NATO or Smaller Chamberings)

Users (7.62×51 Mm NATO or Smaller Chamberings)

  • Algeria: Algerian Gendarmerie Special Operations Force (Détachement Spécial d'Intervention de la gendarmerie nationale).
  • Armenia: AX-338 and L96A1 are in use with special force snipers.
  • Australia: Australian Defence Force with folding stock known as the SR-98, Police Tactical Groups.
  • Bangladesh
  • Belgium
  • Czech Republic: Purchased a number of AWF rifles, mainly for the use of Special Forces.
  • Greece: Special Anti-Terrorist Unit (EKAM).
  • Hong Kong: Special Duties Unit.
  • Ireland
  • Italy: PM variant. The AWS variant is used by the 9th Parachute Assault Regiment and the AWP variant is used by the Carabinieri.
  • Latvia
  • Malaysia: PM and AW variants are used by the Malaysian Special Operations Force.
  • Malta: Armed Forces of Malta.
  • Netherlands: Korps Commandotroepen (few AW and AWC 7.62×51mm NATO chambered arms available).
  • New Zealand
  • Portugal: Portuguese Army.
  • Russia: Used by the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia.
  • South Africa: South African Police Service Special Task Force
  • Spain
  • Sweden: Adopted the AW rifle in 1988, designated PSG 90.
  • Turkey
  • United Kingdom: L96A1 entered service with the British Armed Forces in 1985.

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