ACCC may refer to:

In Education:

  • Association of Canadian Community Colleges, a national association formed in 1972
  • Atlantic Cape Community College, an accredited, co-educational, two-year, public, community college

In Australian Organisations:

  • Australian Competition and Consumer Commission, an independent Australian commonwealth government authority established in 1995
  • The Australian Centre for Christianity and Culture, a Christian ecumenical centre
  • The Australian Confraternity of Catholic Clergy, a fraternal association of Catholic bishops, priests and deacons in Australia and New Zealand.

In Religion:

  • American Council of Christian Churches, a national council of churches
  • Anglican Catholic Church of Canada, an Anglican church that was founded in the 1970s by conservative Anglicans

Other articles related to "accc":

Association Of Canadian Community Colleges - Movement and Growth
... In 1991, ACCC moved to Ottawa (the nations Capital) so that it could work more effectively to influence policy with the National Government on behalf of its members and also be closer to CIDA ... ACCC also needed to strengthen its effectiveness with Francophone members and Ottawa was a much more rational location to achieve this ... with ADB, the World Bank and others, ACCC became one of Canada's largest international development contributors in the 1990s, applying the knowledge resources of its member ...
Two-price Advertising - Australia
... The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) is responsible for enforcing that act and it cooperates with the various state-government departments of fair ... For example ahead of Mother's Day in 2006 the ACCC and state authorities issued joint warnings about jewelry prices shown in catalogues ... In 2002, the retail chain Allans Music Group was prosecuted by the ACCC over a catalogue Allans issued in 2000 showing musical instruments at prices heavily discounted from stated normal prices ...
Carl Mc Intire - Expanding Ministry - Church Councils
... he helped create the American Council of Christian Churches (ACCC) as a conservative alternative to the liberal Federal (later, National) Council of Churches (NCC) ... Secretary.) During the late 1960s, McIntire's relationship with the ACCC leadership became strained, and he secretly transferred an ACCC relief agency (al ... McIntire "was peremmially late to ACCC meetings, and then he would demand that any decisions made in advance of his arrival be undone." When ACCC leaders refused to ...
Australian Competition And Consumer Commission - Consumer Confidence
... The ACCC is regarded by some Australian business people as necessary but often ineffective, echoing the critics of American anti-trust laws, while Australian consumers generally ... Whilst it is acknowledged that the ACCC is required to help safeguard consumer rights, there has been occasional criticism of the organisation as being "all-talk-no-action" ... Recently the ACCC has exercised its authority in a number of retail areas, including fining retailer Target for false advertising and Woolworths (including some Safeway branded ...