Academic Term

An academic term or term is a division of an academic year, the time during which an educational institution holds classes. The schedules adopted vary widely.

  • A semester system divides the academic year into two terms, perhaps 14 – 20 weeks each.
  • A trimester system divides the academic year into three terms which can be as short as 8 weeks or as long as 16 weeks each.
  • A quarter or quadmester system divides the academic year into four terms, up to 12 weeks each, and generally counts the summer as one of the terms.

In most countries, the academic year begins with in early autumn and ends during the following summer. In Southern Hemisphere countries, this means that the academic year lasts from February or March to November or December; in Northern Hemisphere countries, it lasts from August, September or October to May, June or July. The summer may or may not be part of the term system.

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