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Keith Windschuttle - The Fabrication of Aboriginal History, Volume Three, The Stolen Generations 1881-2008
... Key elements of the story of the Stolen Generations are that children of Aboriginal descent were allegedly forcibly removed from their families and their culture ... It is alleged that the children were removed as young as possible so that they could be raised to be ignorant of their culture and people and that the ultimate intent was to end the existence of ... prevented from maintaining contact with their children ...
Historical Debates Over The Stolen Generations
... Not only has the number of children removed from their parents been questioned (critics often quote the ten percent estimate, which they say does not constitute a 'generation'), but also the intent and effects of ... book examining the claims of the Stolen Generations thesis, The Fabrication of Aboriginal History, Volume Three, The Stolen Generations, 1882–2008 (Macleay Press) ... Aboriginal Children were never removed from their families in order to put an end to Aboriginality or, indeed, to serve any improper government policy or program ...
Timeline Of Aboriginal History Of Western Australia - 1881 – 1943
1881 to the 1940s can be neatly divided into two by the passage of the 1905 Aboriginal Act, which created institutionalised racism and created what amounted to Aboriginal "concentration camps" in which the ... It began with the Fairburn Report which first drew attention to the "Aboriginal Problem." This institutionalised racism, like the racism of the Nazi period in Germany, the ... The "final solution to the Aboriginal problem" was to take all children from Aboriginal parents, who were considered as "biologically capable of having children, but not ...
Bob Randall (Indigenous Australian) - Biography
... family under government policy which forcibly removed all half-caste (half-Aboriginal) children from their families ... He was one of thousands of Aboriginal children who were placed in institutions throughout Australia and came to be known as the “Stolen Generation.” Like so many, he grew up alone, away from his family ... He was taken to a receiving home for indigenous children in Alice Springs, NT, then later was moved to Croker Island Reservation in Arnhem Land where he, like the other children, was given a new identity and ...
Aboriginal History Of Western Australia - Policy and Governance
... Most Aborigines were living in regional areas, where sexual exploitation of Aboriginal women by whites led to an increasing number of "degenerate" mixed-race children who were ... in 1905 to a new Act which extended the definition of Aboriginal to all half-caste children and made all Aboriginal persons as wards of the state with the Chief ... I think it is our duty not to allow these children, whose blood is half-British, to grow up as vagrants and outcasts, as their mothers are now ...

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    We find a delight in the beauty and happiness of children that makes the heart too big for the body.
    Ralph Waldo Emerson (1803–1882)

    John Eliot came to preach to the Podunks in 1657, translated the Bible into their language, but made little progress in aboriginal soul-saving. The Indians answered his pleas with: ‘No, you have taken away our lands, and now you wish to make us a race of slaves.’
    —Administration for the State of Con, U.S. public relief program. Connecticut: A Guide to Its Roads, Lore, and People (The WPA Guide to Connecticut)