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Historic Line Up

Other strips which have had runs in the comic are:

  • Acke (the American strip Archie)
  • Adamson (a Swedish strip which went on to great success in the United States, and worldwide, renamed as Silent Sam and Adamson's Adventures)
  • Agust
  • Biffen och Bananen
  • Flygsoldat 113 Bom
  • Frisk och Rask
  • Geniet
  • Herr Larsson
  • Historiska historier
  • Jönsson-Ligan
  • Knallhatten (the American strip Li'l Abner)
  • Lilla Fridolf (now has its own comic book)
  • Livet hemmavid
  • Olle Bull (the American strip Oaky Doaks)
  • Sputnik
  • Svenne Gurka
  • Tuffa Viktor (the English strip Andy Capp)
  • Uti vår hage (now has its own comic book)
  • Vimmelgrind
  • Vi å pappa (now published as an Annual)
  • Vår lilla stad

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Famous quotes containing the words line and/or historic:

    That’s the down-town frieze,
    Principally the church steeple,
    A black line beside a white line;
    And the stack of the electric plant,
    A black line drawn on flat air.
    Wallace Stevens (1879–1955)

    We are becoming like cats, slyly parasitic, enjoying an indifferent domesticity. Nice and snug in “the social” our historic passions have withdrawn into the glow of an artificial cosiness, and our half-closed eyes now seek little other than the peaceful parade of television pictures.
    Jean Baudrillard (b. 1929)