142nd Field Artillery Regiment (United States)

142nd Field Artillery Regiment (United States)

The 142nd Field Artillery Regiment ("Second Arkansas") is a United States Army field artillery regiment currently represented in the Arkansas Army National Guard by the 1st Battalion, 142nd Field Artillery, headquartered in Harrison, Arkansas, 2nd Battalion, 142nd Field Artillery, headquartered in Fort Smith, Arkansas and Battery F (Target Acquisition), 142nd Field Artillery stationed in Fayetteville, Arkansas, elements of the 142nd Fires Brigade which is headquartered in Fayetteville, Arkansas. The regiment was created in 1917 from the former 2nd Arkansas Infantry. The 142nd Field Artillery shipped to France during World War I, but did not see combat before cessation of hostilities. The regiment was activated for World War II, but its battalions were redesignated as separate battalions, 1–142nd became the 936th Field Artillery Battalion, the 2–142nd became the 937th Field Artillery Battalion. The battalion's served throughout the European Theater of Operations. The battalions were activated again for the Korean War and served throughout the war. Following the Korean War the separate battalions resumed their former designations of 1–142nd FA and 2–142nd FA. The 142nd Field Artillery Brigade, including both battalions was activated for Operation Desert Storm. Elements of the 142nd Fires Brigade have been activated for service in Operation Noble Eagle and Operation Iraqi Freedom. The 142nd Fires Brigade was instrumental in support and recovery operations located in New Orleans, Louisiana after hurricanes Katrina and Rita devastated the Gulf Coast.

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142nd Field Artillery Regiment (United States) - Heraldry
... A gold color metal and enamel device 1+18 inches 2.9 cm)in height consisting of a shield blazoned Or,on a pile Gules between six gunstones pilewise above a Korean Taeguk Proper,a lozenge of the first ... Attached below the shield a Red scroll inscribed TRY TO STOP US"in Gold letters ... Symbolism Scarlet and yellow gold)are the colors used for Artilleryand a gunstone is symbolic of a missile ...

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