ZS may refer to:

  • American Samoa World Meteorological Organization country code
  • Azzurra Air IATA airline designator
  • MG ZS, a car made by MG Rover
  • zettasiemens, an SI unit of electric conductance
  • Zombie Squad, a disaster preparedness group
  • ZS Associates, a consulting firm

Zs may refer to:

  • Zettasecond, a unit of time equal to 1021 seconds
  • Zs (band), a musical group from Brooklyn, New York, United States

' zs' may refer to:

  • zs, the last (forty-fourth) letter of the Hungarian alphabet, following z
  • zeptosecond, a unit of time equal to 10−21 seconds

zS may refer to:

  • zeptosiemens, an SI unit of electric conductance

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