Zor can refer to the following:

  • Zor, Azerbaijan
  • The enemy race in The Super Dimension Cavalry Southern Cross animated science fiction television series about a war between this race and a human colony planet.
  • Zor (Robotech) - a character from the Robotech science-fiction franchise, as well as a clone of him who shared his name, named for the aliens from Southern Cross.
  • The villain in the movie Cave Dwellers, the second film in the Ator series of movies.
  • A supervillain magician in the DC Comics universe, an enemy of the Spectre and Zatanna.
  • Zor is a psychedelic heavy metal band from Chicago that plays Ottoman, Turkish and Balkan music.
  • The Demons of Zor were supervillains in the Marvel Comics series The Vision and Scarlet Witch. (1986)
  • The Zor are an alien race in Walter H. Hunt's series of books, starting with The Dark Wing and The Dark Path.
  • Zor Shrine - the Madison, Wisconsin based Shriners chapter.
  • Zor is the online pseudonym of the creator of the MUD known as Ancient Anguish.
  • Zor (film) a bollywood film, Starring Sunny Deol & Sushmita Sen

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