Zone Defence

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List Of Treaties - 1900–1999
... Varilla Treaty Establishes the Panama Canal Zone ... of Germany into three occupation zones. 1957 Anglo-Malayan Defence Agreement Provides a security umbrella for the independent Malaya ...
97th Grey Cup - Game Summary - Scoring Summary
... Single Sakoda 85 kickoff, Taylor conceded in end zone (1334) 14 - 3 SSK SSK - FG Congi 9 (1500) 17 - 3 SSK Third Quarter MTL - TD Richardson 8 pass from ... moved the ball by mixing pass and run plays against Montreal's top ranked defence ... Furthermore, the Saskatchewan defence also came up with big plays when Marcus Adams managed to strip the ball away from Montreal quarterback, Anthony Calvillo, while Keith Shologan managed to ...
Soccer Strategy - Tactics During A Game Situation - General Defensive Tactics - The Zone Defence
... In zone defence, second and third defenders and midfielders are organised in two lines, in the transverse direction of the field, thus organising a defender line and a ... Also, even in zone defence, some opponents, for example those moving into dangerous space, may temporarily need to be marked ... The man-to-man defence ideology holds that almost all opponents need to be marked at all times, although they will have to keep an eye on zone ...

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    To choose a hardship for ourselves is our only defence against that hardship. This is what is meant by accepting suffering.... Those who, by their very nature, can suffer completely, utterly, have an advantage. That is how we can disarm the power of suffering, make it our own creation, our own choice; submit to it. A justification for suicide.
    Cesare Pavese (1908–1950)

    Just like those other black holes from outer space, Hollywood is postmodern to this extent: it has no center, only a spreading dead zone of exhaustion, inertia, and brilliant decay.
    Arthur Kroker (b. 1945)