Zick may refer to:

  • A family of German artists:
    • Johann Martin Zick (1684–1753)
    • Johann Zick (1702–1762)
    • Januarius Johann Rasso Zick (1730–1797)
    • Carl Zick (fl. c. 1808)
    • Conrad Zick (1773–1836)
    • Gustav Zick(1809–1886)
    • Alexander Zick (1845–1907)
  • Bob Zick (born 1927) American professional baseball player
  • Zick, nickname for Isaac
  • Zick Rubin (born 1944), American psychologist and lawyer
  • Ezekiel Zick, character from the comic book and animated series, Monster Allergy

Other articles related to "zick":

Ezekiel Zick
... Ezekiel Zick (Ezechiele Zick in original Italian version) is a fictional character and the male protagonist in the comic book and animated TV series, Monster Allergy ...
Monster Allergy (TV Series) - Plot
... The series follows 12-year-old Ezekiel Zick (called Zick) who suffers from all sorts of allergies (though people call that an excuse) and discovers that he has ... best friend Elena Potato and his talking cat, Timothy, Zick hopes to hone his powers to one day become a Monster Tamer just like his dad, Zob Zick ...
Elena Potato - Animated Series - Season 1
... When she learned that Zick can see monsters and is considered strange, she was "interested" to meet him ... When looking for her cat, Purrcy, she was very excited to see monsters after she and Zick were saved by a River monster when saving the puppies ... that there are more monsters besides in Zick's house, and she insisted on helping Zick even though she cannot see all monsters ...
List Of Monster Allergy Characters - Supporting Characters - The Monsters - Trengingigan
... He first appeared in when Zick and Timothy needed help to stop Magnacat from making more Androgorkas ... He appears later to help Zick to capture Omnised and Omniquod and to get hot cappuccino in Halloween ... In the second season of the animated series, he helps Zick when he arrives in Bibbur-Si and told him that Magncacat was back ...

Famous quotes containing the word zick:

    Friends don’t snatch or act snobby, and they don’t argue or disagree. If you’re nice to them, they’ll be nice to you.
    Julie, U.S. child, age eight. As quoted in Children’s Friendships&NT,: by Zick Rubin, ch. 3 (1980)