Zhongzong (中宗) is the temple name of several Chinese emperors or rulers. It can refer to:

  • Emperor Xuan of Han (reign: 74 BC-49 BC)
  • Emperor Yuan of Jin (reign: 317-322)
  • Li Shou, ruler of Cheng Han, a state of Di ethnicity (reign: 338-343)
  • Murong Sheng, ruler of the Later Liang, a state of Xianbei ethnicity (398-401)
  • Emperor Xuan (宣帝) of the Western Liang (reign: 555–562)
  • Emperor Zhongzong of Tang (reign: 684 and 705-710)
  • Liu Cheng (劉晟), ruler of the Southern Han kingdom (reign: 943-958)

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Li Rizhi - During Emperor Zhongzong's Second Reign
... Later, during the Shenlong era (705-707) of Wu Zetian's son Emperor Zhongzong, Li Rizhi served as Geishizhong (給事中), an imperial attendant ... he was given the honorific title Chaosan Daifu (朝散大夫), and Emperor Zhongzong was poised to grant his mother a title as well ... In 709, Emperor Zhongzong's powerful daughter Li Guo'er the Princess Anle had just completed building a new mansion and a magnificent artificial pond that she named Dingkun ...
Lu Huaishen - During Emperor Zhongzong's Second Reign
... returned to the throne (as Emperor Zhongzong) ... repeated petitions for civil service reforms, which Emperor Zhongzong did not accept ... In 706, when Emperor Zhongzong sent officials to examine the 10 circuits the realm was divided into, Lu was one of the officials sent ...
Li Chongfu - During Emperor Zhongzong's Second Reign
... In 705, a coup removed Wu Zetian from power and restored Emperor Zhongzong to the throne ... Emperor Zhongzong's wife Crown Princess Wei was again empress ... In response, Emperor Zhongzong first exiled Li Chongfu out of the capital to serve as the prefect of Pu Prefecture (濮州, roughly modern Heze, Shandong), but did ...
Li Huaiyuan - During Emperor Zhongzong's Reign
... in a coup, and Li Xian, formerly emperor, was restored to the throne (as Emperor Zhongzong) ... In 706, Li Huaiyuan retired again, although when Emperor Zhongzong soon departed the eastern capital Luoyang to return to the capital Chang'an, he put Li ... not by its handsomeness." Li Huaiyuan died in fall 706 and was buried with honor, with Emperor Zhongzong personally writing his eulogy ...