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The following provides the original Slovene text of Zdravljica and its English translation by Janko Lavrin.

Prijatlji! odrodile, The vintage, friends, is over,
so trte vince nam sladkó, And here sweet wine makes, once again,
ki nam oživlja žile, Sad eyes and hearts recover
srce razjásni in oko, Puts fire into every vein.
ki utopi Drowns dull care
vse skrbi, Everywhere
v potrtih prsih up budi! And summons hope out of despair.
Komú narpred veselo To whom with acclamation
zdravico, bratje! čmo zapét'? And song shall we our first toast give?
Bog našo nam deželo, God save our land and nation
Bog živi ves slovenski svet, And all Slovenes where'er they live,
brate vse, Who own the same
kar nas je Blood and name,
sinov sloveče matere! And who one glorious Mother claim.
V sovražnike 'z oblakov Let thunder out of heaven
rodú naj naš'ga trešči gróm, Strike down and smite our wanton foe!
prost, ko je bil očakov, Now, as it once had thriven,
naprej naj bo Slovencov dom; May our dear realm in freedom grow.
naj zdrobé May fall the last
njih roké Chains of the past
si spone, ki jim še težé! Which bind us still and hold us fast!
Edinost, sreča, sprava Let peace, glad conciliation,
k nam naj nazaj se vrnejo; Come back to us throughout the land!
otrók, kar ima Slava, Towards their destination
vsi naj si v róke sežejo, Let Slavs henceforth go hand-in-hand!
de oblast Thus again
in z njo čast, Will honour reign
ko préd, spet naša bode last! To justice pledged in our domain.
Bog žívi vas Slovenke, To you, our pride past measure,
prelepe, žlahtne rožice; Our girls! Your beauty, charm and grace!
ni take je mladenke, There surely is no treasure
ko naše je krvi dekle; To equal maidens of such race.
naj sinóv Sons you'll bear,
zarod nov Who will dare
iz vas bo strah sovražnikov! Defy our foe no matter where.
Mladenči, zdaj se pije Our hope now, our to-morrow -
zdravica vaša, vi naš up; The youths - we toast and toast with joy.
ljubezni domačije No poisonous blight or sorrow
noben naj vam ne usmŕti strup; Your love of homeland shall destroy.
ker po nas With us indeed
bode vas You're called to heed
jo sŕčno bránit klical čas! Its summons in this hour of need.
Živé naj vsi naródi, God's blessing on all nations,
ki hrepené dočakat dan, Who long and work for that bright day,
da, koder sonce hodi, When o'er earth's habitations
prepir iz svéta bo pregnan, No war, no strife shall hold its sway;
da rojak 'Who long to see
prost bo vsak, That all men free,
ne vrag, le sosed bo mejak! No more shall foes, but neighbours be.
Nazadnje še, prijatlji, At last to our reunion -
kozarce zase vzdignimo, To us the toast! Let it resound,
ki smo zato se zbrat'li, Since in this great communion
ker dobro v srcu mislimo; By thoughts of brotherhood we're bound
dókaj dni May joyful cheer
naj živí Ne'er disappear
vsak, kar nas dobrih je ljudi! From all good hearts now gathered here.

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