ZA or Za may refer to:

  • South Africa (ISO 3166 country code, from Zuid-Afrika)
    • South Africa's top level domain, .za
  • Zambia (FIPS 10-4 and obsolete NATO country code)
  • Interavia Airlines (IATA airline code), an airline based in Moscow, Russia
  • ZoneAlarm
  • Zinc aluminium
  • Zettayear or zettaannum, a unit of time equal to 1021 (one sextillion) years
  • Za (guilds), which were Japanese feudal trade guilds; also a Japanese term (座), usually meaning "seat" or "platform"
  • Ẓāʼ, a letter of the Arabic alphabet
  • "Za", a song by Supergrass from their 2002 album Life on Other Planets
  • Zhuang languages (ISO 639 alpha-2 language code)
  • Zeptoampere and zettampere (also written zetta-ampere), multiples of the SI unit of electric current Ampere, equal to 10−21 (one sextillionth) amperes and 1021 amperes, respectively