Yuchi Jingde

Yuchi Jingde (尉遲敬德) (585–658), formal name Yuchi Gong (尉遲恭) but went by the courtesy name of Jingde, formally Duke Zhongwu of E (鄂忠武公), was a general of the Chinese dynasty Tang Dynasty whose bravery later caused him to be incorporated into Chinese folk religion as a door god, along with Qin Shubao.

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Xuanwu Gate Incident - Aftermath
... During the ongoing battle, Li Shimin sent Yuchi Jingde—who was still fully armed—into the Palace City to announce the news of the situation to Emperor Gaozu ... Yuchi Jingde replied "The Crown Prince and the Prince of Qi committed treason ... me to protect you." Emperor Gaozu accepted the answer that he received from Yuchi Jingde ...
Yuchi Jingde - Popular Culture
... novel Water Margin, are nicknamed "Sick Yuchi" (病尉遲) and "Little Yuchi" (小尉遲) respectively because they resemble Yuchi Jingde in appearance ... Yuchi Jingde is one of the 32 historical figures who appear as special characters in the video game Romance of the Three Kingdoms XI by Koei ... His formal name "Yuchi Gong" is used in the game ...
Criticism of Xu Jingzong and Controversy Over Posthumous Name
... After having his son marry a daughter of Yuchi Baolin (尉遲寶琳), he inflated the contributions of Yuchi Baolin's father Yuchi Jingde and hid Yuchi ...