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List Of Rosario + Vampire Characters - Yokai Academy - Other Students
... A member of Yokai Academy's wrestling team and one of the strongest monsters on campus, he wanted to test Tsukune's vampire powers after hearing the rumor that he ... Nakamoto Kokko?, English manga "Kohko") A junior student at Yokai Academy who once had a crush on Gin for complementing how cute she was ... Haiji Miyamoto (宮本 灰次, Miyamoto Haiji?) The captain of the Yokai Academy Karate Club and a highly skilled fighter ...
List Of Rosario + Vampire Characters - Video Game and Anime Characters
... game Rosario + Vampire Tanabata's Miss Yokai Academy. 7 of the second serialization, promoting the Academy's Game Club with Natsuhiko holding a flyer for the DS game ... Nazia Chaudhry (English) Apsara is the Indian cooking teacher of Yokai Academy and, as her name implies, an apsara ...
List Of Rosario + Vampire Characters - Anti-Schoolers - Hokuto Kaneshiro
... arc and the current president of the Yokai Academy School Committee, and is a charismatic individual and strikes up a quick friendship with Tsukune after he is ... and a hybrid yōkai, determined to bring a swath of destruction and chaos upon the academy ... his father, he accidentally enrolls himself into Yokai Academy to escape from him ...

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