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Kentucky Youth in Government

Kentucky's Youth In Government program is the largest, with approximately 7000 participants attending annual conferences: Three Senior Kentucky Youth Assembly (KYA) conferences of varying geography and an East and West Senior Kentucky United Nations Assembly (KUNA) for high-schoolers; the East, West, and Central Junior KYAs and two Junior KUNAs for middle-schoolers; and several "non-debatable" conferences: Junior and Senior Leadership Training Conference (LTC) and the Junior and Senior "Go-For-It!" conference.

The Kentucky YMCA Youth Association placed high value on youth service intiatives, partnering with Youth Service America and supports student run Y-Clubs (service organizations) throughout the state. Student leaders plan service projects and awareness activities in their schools and communities in order to meet a local need while teaching young people the importance of engagement.

To reinforce the power of service, this non-profit selects small teams of high school applicants to join the Y-Corps service teams each summer. These teams raise money for the YMCA Youth Association's scholarship fund, complete pre-trip service, and finally travel around the state of Kentucky or the entire Southeastern United States for approximately one week during the summer while performing service and engaging in cultural learning experiences.

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