Yellow Cross

Yellow Cross may mean:

  • Cathar yellow cross, a distinguishing mark worn by repentant Cathars, who were ordered to wear it by the Roman Catholic Church
  • Yellow Cross (chemical warfare), a World War I chemical warfare agent consisting chiefly of sulfur mustard

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Flags Of Sweden - History - Early History - Double-tailed Flag
... Swedish flag is not known, but the oldest recorded pictures of a blue cloth with a yellow cross date from the early 16th century, during the reign of King Gustaf Vasa ... fördeelt påå blott", which translates to "yellow in the cross over the blue" ... As stipulated in a Royal warrant of 1569, the yellow cross was always to be borne on Swedish battle standards and banners ...
Yellow Cross (chemical Warfare)
... Yellow Cross (Gelbkreuz) is a World War I chemical warfare agent usually based on sulfur mustard (HS, Yperite, Lost) ... Yellow Cross is also a generic World War I German marking for artillery shells with chemical payload affecting exposed surfaces of the body ...

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