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Six-Year Plan
... Six-Year Plan (1950–1955) was the second - after the Three-Year Plan (1947–1949) - centralized plan of the People's Republic of Poland ... responsible for creation of the Three-Year Plan were no longer influencing government policy ... The Six-Year Plan, designed to bring the economy of Poland in line with the Soviet economy, concentrated on heavy industrialization, with projects such as ...
Mahalanobis Model - Implementation of The Model
... The model was created as an analytical framework for India’s Second Five Year Plan in 1955 by appointment of Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru, as India ... The First Five Year Plan stressed investment for capital accumulation in the spirit of the one-sector Harrod–Domar model ...
Maksim Saburov - Party Career - Career in Gosplan
... In this function he helped to formulate and then presided over the Fifth Five-Year Plan ... The Plan, which Saburov co-ordinated as the Chairman of Gosplan, succeeded in increasing coal production by 12 million tons, oil production by over 30 million tons, and electricity production by nearly 80 billion kW ... He was responsible for helping to plan the Sixth Five-Year Plan, which would last from 1956 to 1961 ...
Causes Of The Holodomor - Deliberately Engineered or Continuation of Civil War - Continuation of Civil War
... an area, effectively waged economic warfare upon Stalin's Five Year Plan, a policy of paring the USSR's agricultural margins to the bone to export food and thus afford imports ... of the Civil War which had ended barely ten years earlier, and Polish occupied after that, so rightist partisans abounded ... foreign help, and their sabotage stood to benefit Western powers by sabotaging the Five Year Plan ...
Chollima Movement - Origin
... the term Chollima in December 1956, shortly before the start of the 1957-61 five-year plan ... During this five-year period, North Korea strove to complete a socialist transformation of industry within the country ... sake of the nation to achieve the desired outcomes of the five-year plan ...

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