Yard - Conversions


  • international yard (defined 1959):
1 yard = 0.9144 metre.
  • pre-1959 US yard - defined 1869, implemented 1893
For survey purposes, certain pre-1959 units were retained, usually prefaced by the word "survey," among them the survey inch, survey foot, and survey mile, also known as the statute mile. The rod and furlong exist only in their pre-1959 form and are thus not prefaced by the word "survey." However, it is not clear if a "survey yard" actually exists. If it did, its hypothetical values would be as follows:
3937 survey yard = 3600 metre
1 survey yard ≈ 0.914 401 83 metre
0.999 998 survey yard = 1 yard (exact)
1 statute mile = 8 furlongs = 80 chains = 1760 yards

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