Yaghan Language

Yaghan Language

Yagán (originally Yahgan, but also now spelled Yaghan, Jagan, Iakan), also known as Yámana and Háusi Kúta, is one of the indigenous languages of Tierra del Fuego, spoken by the Yagán people. It is regarded as a language isolate, although some linguists have attempted to relate it to Kawésqar and Chon.

Along with other Fuegian languages, it was among the first South American languages to be recorded by European explorers and missionaries. Yahgan was also spoken briefly on Keppel Island in the Falkland Islands at a missionary settlement.

Following the death of 84 year old Emelinda Acuña (1921 – October 12, 2005), only one native speaker remains, Cristina Calderón of Villa Ukika on Navarino Island, Chile. Calderón (often referred to as simply Abuela) is the sister-in-law of Acuña.

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