YA may refer to:

  • Young adult literature, a library and publishing classification
  • Yottampere, a unit of measurement
  • Yet another, a common initial part of acronyms
  • Yahoo! Answers, a community-driven question-and-answer site
  • Young Ace, a Japanese magazine
  • YoungArts, a scholarship program for American high school students

yA may refer to:

  • Yoctoampere, a unit of measurement

Ya may refer to:

  • Ya (Cyrillic) (Я), a Cyrillic alphabet letter (which, on its own, means "I" in several Slavic languages)
  • Yodh also written as Yaa, an Arabic letter
  • A vocative particle in Arabic and other Semitic languages.
  • Ya (kana), the Romanisation of the Japanese kana や and ヤ
  • Ya (arrow), the Japanese word for arrow

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