XPEDITER is a family of mainframe testing programs by Compuware. They provide the programmer with an assortment of debugging tools for a variety of mainframe applications, including IBM CICS, TSO and IMS.

Xpediter Products

Xpediter for DB2 helps developers quickly ascertain how the code works and how to fix it when it doesn’t for DB2 Stored Procedures

Xpediter/CICS enhances CICS application quality with powerful testing and debugging capabilities

Xpediter/Code Coverage validates testing thoroughness and provides application analysis

Xpediter/IMS offers complete control of application code execution in an IMS/DC environment. It can also work in batch environment for IMS, normal JCls as well as online. Both can work having a valid transaction.

Xpediter/TSO offers complete control of application code execution in the batch testing environment

Xpediter/Xchange provides full support for multiple date access methods without requiring any changes to the program modules or JCL