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Principles of Constitutional Design
... among these writers was that the design of constitutions is not completely arbitrary or a matter of taste ... held that there are underlying principles of design that constrain all constitutions for every polity or organization ... According to Brownson there are, in a sense, three "constitutions" involved The first the constitution of nature that includes all of what was called "natural law." The second is ...
Commonwealth Of England - First and Second Protectorates
... in a Lord Protector, who governed under a written constitution that mandated that the Lord Protector summon triennial parliaments that should sit for several months each year ... became Lord Protector under England's and later Britain's first written constitution Instrument of Government and then under the second and last written ...
Omar Ali Saifuddien III - Creation of The Constitution - Writing of The Constitution
... out the citizens’ views regarding a written constitution for Brunei ... III led a delegation to London to discuss the proposed Constitution ... The British Government later accepted the draft constitution ...
Basic Laws Of Israel - Background
... Israel was supposed to adopt a formal written constitution a few months after its declaration of independence on 14 May 1948 ... The declaration itself stated that a constitution would be formulated and adopted no later than 1 October 1948 ... Adoption of a democratic constitution was also a requirement of the United Nations General Assembly Resolution 181, which proposed the establishment of a "Jew ...
Fundamental Orders Of Connecticut
... It has the features of a written constitution, and is considered by some as the first written Constitution in the Western tradition, and thus earned Connecticut its nickname of ... to claim that the Fundamental Orders were the first written Constitution, a claim disputed by some modern historians ... It was a Constitution for the colonial government of Hartford and was similar to the government Massachusetts had set up ...

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