Worst Case

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Worst-case Circuit Analysis
... Worst-case circuit analysis (WCCA or WCA) is a cost-effective means of screening a design to ensure with a high degree of confidence that potential ... which meets the system performance specification over design life under worst-case conditions and tolerances (initial, aging, radiation, temperature, etc.) ...
Self-organizing List - Analysis of Running Times For Access/ Search in A List - Worst Case
... In the worst case, the element to be located is at the very end of the list be it a normal list or a self-organized one and thus n comparisons must be made to reach it ... Therefore the worst case running time of a linear search on the list is O(n) independent of the type of list used ... simply reduces the probability of the worst case occurring but does not eliminate it completely ...
Convex Hull Algorithms - Planar Case - Algorithms
... Note that in the worst case h may be as large as n ... — O(nh) One of the simplest (although not the most time efficient in the worst case) planar algorithms ... In the worst case the complexity is Θ(n2) ...
Worst-Case Scenario Series - Other Media
... Worst-Case Scenario Sticky Situation Notes by Joshua Piven and David Borgenicht The Worst-Case Scenario Survival Journal by Joshua Piven and David Borgenicht The Worst-Case ...
Lattice-based Cryptography - Security Issues - Worst-case Hardness
... Worst-case hardness of lattice problems means that breaking the cryptographic construction (even with some small non-negligible probability) is provably at least as hard as solving several lattice ... In most cases, the underlying problem is that of approximating lattice problems such as SVP to within polynomial factors, which is conjectured to be a hard problem ... The importance of the worst-case security guarantee is twofold ...

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