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List Of Systems Sciences Organizations - Societies - World Wide
... International Society for the Systems Sciences (ISSS ) World Organisation of Systems and Cybernetics (WOSC) ...
Aleks Krotoski
... the University of Surrey which examined "how information spreads around the social networks of the World Wide Web." In February 2010, she presented The Virtual Revolution for BBC Two ... was described by the BBC as charting "two decades of profound change since the invention of the World Wide Web, weighing up the huge benefits and the unforeseen downsides." She also presented an accompanying four-par ... about the relationship between human behaviour and the use of the world wide web ...
Jim Crockett Promotions - History - Early History
... Championship Wrestling," "Mid-Atlantic Championship Sports," "Wide World Wrestling," and "World Wide Wrestling." Crockett joined the National Wrestling Alliance (NWA) in 1952, and ... Two years later, they introduced the Wide World Wrestling brand and television show (which was changed to World Wide Wrestling in 1978 and which existed ... The "World Wide" brand was used concurrently with the "Mid-Atlantic" brand ...
World-Wide Web Worm
... The World-Wide Web Worm (WWWW) was the first search engine for the World-Wide Web, being developed in September 1993 by Oliver McBryan at the University of Colorado ...
Contesting - Types of Contests
... A wide variety of amateur radio contests are sponsored every year ... HF Championship aim to foster competition between stations located in one particular part of the world, specifically Europe ... The CQ World Wide DX Contest permits stations to contact other stations anywhere else on the planet, and attracts tens of thousands of participating stations each year ...

Famous quotes containing the words wide and/or world:

    A squirrel leaping from bough to bough, and making the wood but one wide tree for his pleasure, fills the eye not less than a lion,—is beautiful, self-sufficing, and stands then and there for nature.
    Ralph Waldo Emerson (1803–1882)

    ...I had grown up in a world that was dominated by immature age. Not by vigorous immaturity, but by immaturity that was old and tired and prudent, that loved ritual and rubric, and was utterly wanting in curiosity about the new and the strange. Its era has passed away, and the world it made has crumbled around us. Its finest creation, a code of manners, has been ridiculed and discarded.
    Ellen Glasgow (1873–1945)