Wonderful (The Beach Boys Song)

Wonderful (The Beach Boys Song)

"Wonderful" is a song written by Brian Wilson and Van Dyke Parks, for the American rock band The Beach Boys, about a young woman and her steadfast embrace of adolescence through the loss of her own virginity. It was to be included on the ill-fated 1966–1967 Smile album. A minimalist version was released on their 1967 album Smiley Smile. A re-recording was later released as a single for Brian Wilson's 2004 album Smile.

The song has been covered by a variety of independent artists, including Adventures In Stereo, Nikki Sudden, and Outrageous Cherry.

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Wonderful (The Beach Boys Song) - Credits
... Written by Brian Wilson/Van Dyke Parks Album Smiley Smile 1967 / Smile 2004 Time 2 minutes 21 seconds Produced by The Beach Boys (Smiley Smile)/ Brian Wilson (Smile) Carl Wilson Lead vocals (Smiley Smile) Performers The Smile Sessions original Brian Wilson – lead vocals, background vocals, harpsichord Al Jardine – background vocals Larry Knechtel – grand piano Lyle Ritz – upright bass Alan Weight – trumpet Smiley Smile Version Brian Wilson – background vocals, piano, organ, sound effects Carl Wilson – lead vocals (all verses), background vocals, sound effects Dennis Wilson – sound effects Mike Love – lead vocals (interlude), sound effects Al Jardine – sound effects Bruce Johnston – sound effects Marilyn Wilson – vocals Diane Rovell – vocals 2004 Version Brian Wilson – lead vocals, keyboards Scott Bennett – vocals, keyboards Nelson Bragg – vocals, percussion Jeffrey Foskett – vocals Probyn Gregory – trumpet Jim Hines – drums Bob Lizik – bass Paul Mertens – clarinet Taylor Mills – vocals Darian Sahanaja – vocals, keyboards Nick Walusko – vocals, guitar Stockholm Strings 'N' Horns. ...

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