Wing Tsun

Wing Tsun (alternatively 詠春, "chant spring") is a branch of Wing Chun, led by Leung Ting.

The particular phonetic spelling of 詠春 as Wing Tsun was picked by the branch founder Leung Ting to differentiate his branch from the others. WingTsun (without a space) is the trademarked form used by the International WingTsun Association (IWTA), not the name of the style.

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Wing Tsun - Organization and Growth
... The official umbrella organization for WingTsun, the International WingTsun Association (IWTA), is headquartered in Hong Kong and led by Leung Ting ... The IWTA has schools in over 60 countries, and has gained a large following in the western world ...
Salih Avci - Summary
... He started training in Wing Tsun in 1980 in the European Wing Tsun Organization (EWTO) ... In 1997, he left EWTO to found WTEO (Wing Tsun-Escrima Organization) ...

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