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List Of Infantry Weapons Of World War I - Russian Empire
... Nagant M1895 Mauser C96 Browning M1903 Luger P08 Smith Wesson Model 3 Colt M1911 Rifles Berdan rifle Mosin-Nagant Type 30 rifle Type 38 Rifle (Northern front) Type 38 cavalry rifle ...
Antique Gun - Legality - United States - Identifying Pre-1899 Antiques
... cartridge firearms, such as the famous Winchester Model 1894 lever action rifle took place both before and after the December 31, 1898 cut-off date that delineates ... For example, a Winchester Model 1894 with serial number 147,685 had its frame (or "receiver") made in December 1898 and it is hence classified as an "antique", but records show ... situation exists for 7.65mm Mauser Turkish Model 1893 bolt actions, most of which were re-arsenalized at the Ankara arsenal in the 1940s, and rechambered to 8x57mm Mauser ...
List Of Infantry Weapons Of World War I - United States of America
... Handguns Colt M1911 M1917 revolver Smith Wesson Model 10 Colt New Service Colt M1892 Colt Model 1903 Pocket Hammerless (Used by the Navy) Rifles M1903 Springfield M1892-99 Springfield M1917 Enfield Lee-Enfiel ...
Winchester Model 1910
... The Winchester Model 1910 (also known as the Model 10) is a blowback operated semi-automatic rifle rifle produced by the Winchester Repeating Arms Company ... Winchester only chambered the model 1910 in the.401 Winchester Self-Loading or.401 WSL cartridge ... The basic design for the Model 1910 is covered by *U.S ...
Winchester Model 1887/1901 - Overview
... The Model 1887 was the first truly successful repeating shotgun ... Its lever-action design was chosen at the behest of the Winchester Repeating Arms Company, best known at the time as manufacturers of lever-action firearms such as the Winchester model 1873 ... more appropriate for a repeating shotgun, but Winchester management's position was that, at the time, the company was known as a "lever-action firearm ...

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    Up from the South at break of day,
    Bringing to Winchester fresh dismay,
    The affrighted air with a shudder bore,
    Like a herald in haste, to the chieftain’s door,
    The terrible grumble, and rumble, and roar,
    Telling the battle was on once more,
    And Sheridan twenty miles away.
    Thomas Buchanan Read (1822–1872)