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Vadim Moldovan, Ph.D., William Divale, Ph.D., Constantin Turcan, M.D., Anatol Carpa, M.D., Anatol Nacu, PhD./M.D., Alexander Socrovisciuc, M.D., Vladimir Sterpu, M.D./Ph.D., Virginia Fauras, M.D., Vadim Aftene, M.D., Daniel Paladiciuc, M.D., Ludmila Petrova, M.D., Maria Victoria Cardona-Divale, M.A., E. Ed. (2008) Services for the Chronically Mentally Ill in Moldova: A Struggle to Survive. The International Journal of Mental Health, Vol. 36, No. 4. 46-56

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Julie Ann Kishna and William Divale 2001 Internet Survey on the Effects of Immigration and Saturated Fat and Cholesterol Intake of Guyanese. World Cultures 12(2):153-178

Divale, William 2001 Codes on Highest Number Counted for the Standard Sample. World Cultures, 12(1):98-103

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2000 Cross-Cultural Codes on Modernization. World Cultures 11(2): 152-170

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1977 From Correlations to Causes: A New and Simple Method for Causal Analysis in Cross-Cultural Research. Annals Of The New York Academy Of Sciences vol.285:66-74. Volume titled: "Issues in Cross-Cultural Research," Leonore Loeb Adler, ed.

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1970 An Explanation for Primitive Warfare: Population Control and the Significance of Primitive Sex Ratios. New Scholar 2:172-193.

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