Wild Cat Falling

Wild Cat Falling is a novel published in 1965, in Australia. The novel depicts the life of a former 'bodgie' as he leaves jail and cynically searches for purpose in life, to highlight this Mudrooroo leaves the main character unnamed, although in page 121, the old man says that this character is "Jessie Duggan's boy." The novel uses a series of flashbacks to highlight the main character's struggle in the past. Wild Cat Falling also shows the effects of the Australian Government's former policy of Assimilation and an Aboriginal's struggle for access and equity in the Australian legal system. As a result of this Wild Cat Falling has been said to be a 'political message'.

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Mudrooroo - First Novel: Wild Cat Falling
... novelist Jack Kerouac to write his first novel Wild Cat Falling, which was published in 1965 ... His early works used a mixture of fiction and autobiography, Wild Cat Falling was about a young Aboriginal man facing racist attitudes in Western Australia and failing to cope with it ... Wild Cat Falling includes a foreword by Mary Durack (which has since become an afterword) that reveals what the author was like in his late teens ...

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