Who is unknown. chevy chase?

Famous quotes containing the words chevy chase, chase, unknown and/or chevy:

    ‘Erle Dowglas, for thy life,
    Wold I had lost my hand;
    —Unknown. Chevy Chase (l. 151–152)

    I’ve really never accepted the idea that a woman can’t do whatever the hell it is she wants.
    —Sylvia Chase (b. 1938)

    Out of the earth to rest or range
    Perpetual in perpetual change,
    The unknown passing through the strange.
    John Masefield (1878–1967)

    The hounds ran swiftly through the woods
    The nimble deere to take,
    That with their cryes the hills and dales
    An eccho shrill did make.
    —Unknown. Chevy Chase (l. 37–40)