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Newbery Medal - Newbery Recipients
... Hewes,Agnes !Agnes Hewes Spice and the Devil's Cave Honor 1931 Gray,Elizabeth Janey !Elizabeth Janet Gray Meggy MacIntosh Honor 1931 Best,Herbert !Herbert Best Garram the ... Honk, the Moose Honor 1936 Seredy,Kate !Kate Seredy Good Master,The !The Good Master Honor 1936 Gray,Elizabeth Janet !Elizabeth Janet Gray Young Walter Scott Honor 1936 Sperry,Armstrong !Armstrong Sperry ... Eaton Leader By Destiny George Washington, Man and Patriot Honor 1939 Gray,Elizabeth Janet !Elizabeth Janet Gray Penn Honor 1940 Daugherty,James !James Daugherty Daniel Boone Winner ...

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    You live on hopes, I guess. You always dream that someday you might have a lot of money, your ship might come in. But if the ship doesn’t come in, I’m going to work as long as I can.
    Marion Gray (b. c. 1914)

    In vain to me the smiling Mornings shine,
    And redd’ning Phoebus lifts his golden Fire:
    The Birds in vain their amorous Descant join;
    Or cheerful Fields resume their green Attire:
    —Thomas Gray (1716–1771)