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Heinrich Hoffmann

Heinrich Hoffmann (September 12, 1885 – December 11, 1957) was a German photographer best known for his many published photographs of Adolf Hitler.

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Heinrich Hoffmann (author) - Trivia
... which could be translated as "guest-catcher".) Heulalius von Heulenburg Heinrich Hoffmann Heinrich Hoffmann-Donner (The second half of the compound surname is the maiden name ... noun, or a name for the Germanic thunder-god Thor.) Heinrich Kinderlieb (The surname means roughly "child-friendly"/"nice to children") Reimerich Kinderlieb ...
Heinrich Hoffmann (disambiguation)
... Heinrich Hoffmann (1885–1957) was a German photographer ... Heinrich Hoffmann may also refer to Heinrich Hoffmann (author) (1809–1894), German psychiatrist and author Heinrich Hofmann (composer) (1842–1902 ...
Government Of East Germany - Ministries
... of National Defense* Willi Stoph, Heinz Hoffmann, Heinz Kessler, Theodor Hoffmann, Rainer Eppelmann (1990) Ministry of Foreign Affairs Georg Dertinger (1949–1953), Lothar Bolz (1953–1965 ... Abusch, Hans Bentzien, Klaus Gysi, Hans Joachim Hoffmann, Dietmar Keller, Herbert Schirmer (1990) Ministry of National Education*** Elizabeth Zaisser, Fritz Lange, Alfred Lemmnitz, Margot ... Chairman of the State Planning Commission Heinrich Rau, Bruno Leuschner, Karl Mewis, Erich Apel, Gerhard Schürer Director of the Press Office Kurt Blecha, Wolfgang Meyer Ministries of the industries (1961-1965 in ...

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    He scream’d out—‘Take the soup away!
    O take the nasty soup away!
    I won’t have any soup to-day.’
    Heinrich Hoffmann (1809–1894)