Who is daniel day lewis?

Famous quotes containing the words lewis, daniel and/or day:

    Then down came the lid—the day was lost, for art, at Sarajevo. World-politics stepped in, and a war was started which has not ended yet: a “war to end war.” But it merely ended art. It did not end war.
    —Wyndham Lewis (1882–1957)

    And who in time knowes whither we may vent
    The treasure of our tongue, to what strange shores
    This gaine of our best glorie shal be sent,
    T’inrich unknowing Nations with our stores?
    What worlds in th’yet unformed Occident
    May come refin’d with th’accents that are ours?
    —Samuel Daniel (c. 1562–1619)

    You have to be nice and congenial and enthusiastic. What makes that so difficult is you have to be nice, congenial, and enthusiastic three hundred and sixty-five days in a row!... You can’t have a day off.
    Shirley Cothran-Barnet (b. c. 1955)