Who is Catullus?

  • (noun): Roman lyric poet remembered for his love poems to an aristocratic Roman woman (84-54 BC).
    Synonyms: Gaius Valerius Catullus


Gaius Valerius Catullus (ca. 84 BC – ca. 54 BC) was a Latin poet of the Republican period. His surviving works are still read widely, and continue to influence poetry and other forms of art.

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... He served as praefectus fabrum (prefect of engineers) under Caesar in Gaul a poem by Catullus also refers to his service in Britain as well as in ... Catullus attacked his profligacy, womanising and scandalous lifestyle, nicknaming him "mentula" (a vulgar word for the penis) and accusing him of having a homosexual relationship with Caesar ... This was regarded as a "lasting stain" on Caesar's character, but Catullus later apologised, and was immediately invited to dinner by Caesar ...
Catullus 58b
... Catullus 58b is a poem written by the Roman poet Catullus (ca ... be wearied of searching for his friend, the Camerius of Catullus 55 no matter what ... The meter is hendecasyllabic, the same as Catullus 55 ...
Catullus - Cultural References
... Alexander Hamilton took the pseudonym Catullus in his newspaper debates with Republican opponents during the early 1790's while acting as Treasury Secretary ... novel Ides of March by Thornton Wilder centers on Julius Caesar, but prominently features Catullus, his poetry, his relationship (and correspondence) with Clodia, correspondence ... Catullus's poems and the closing section by Suetonius are the only documents in the novel which are not imagined ...
Latin Profanity - Futuere: Intercourse - Usage
... It is in itself used metaphorically in Catullus 6, which speaks of latera ecfutūta, funds exhausted, literally "fucked away." Catullus 41 speaks of a puella dēfutūta, a girl exhausted from sexual activity ... It is famously used erotically in Catullus 32 sed domi maneas paresque nobis novem continuas fututiones ...
List Of Poems By Catullus - Manuscript Tradition
... Almost all of Catullus' poems survived from antiquity in a single manuscript discovered c ... Hence, Catullus' works depend on three surviving copies of the single V manuscript ... The first printed edition (edito princeps) of Catullus appeared in Venice in 1472 the following year, Francesco Puteolano published the second printed edition in Parma ...

Famous quotes containing the word catullus:

    All think what other people think;
    All know the man their neighbor knows.
    Lord, what would they say
    Did their Catullus walk that way?
    William Butler Yeats (1865–1939)