Whiting is the name of several species of fish:

  • Merlangius merlangus, the original species to receive the name; a common food fish of the cod family found in the northeastern Atlantic Ocean around Europe and the Mediterranean regions
  • Whiting (fish), various other fish species in North America, Australia and throughout the Indo-Pacific region

Whiting may also refer to:

  • Powdered and washed white chalk (calcium carbonate), used in putty, metal polish, whitewash and sometimes added to paint to improve the paint's opacity

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List Of United States Political Families (W) - The Whitings
... William Whiting (1841–1911), Massachusetts State Senator 1873, Mayor of Holyoke, Massachusetts 1878 U.S ... Whiting ... Whiting (1864–1936), delegate to the Republican National Convention 1924. 1928, U.S ...
Whiting, New Jersey
... Whiting is an unincorporated community in Ocean County, New Jersey ... Whiting was once a station stop on the Southern branch of the Central Railroad of New Jersey, a line known for the Blue Comet express ...
Stout Whiting - Distribution and Habitat
... Stout whiting are endemic to Australia, and consist of two apparently disjunct populations one on the eastern seaboard, the other on the western seaboard ... Stout whiting are found in deeper waters than other Australian sillaginids, inhabiting sandy substrates at depths of 10 to 70 m ... Australia, the same offshore niche is occupied by the mud whiting, Sillago lutea ...
Stout Whiting
... The stout whiting, Sillago robusta (also known as the yellow-cheek whiting and school whiting), is a species of benthic marine fish in the smelt-whiting family ... The stout whiting is endemic to Australia, with the species divided into western and eastern populations, with the western population ranging from Shark ... The stout whiting is a benthic carnivore, consuming a variety of polychaetes and crustaceans ...
Stout Whiting - Relationship To Humans
... Stout whiting, like most of the smelt-whitings are considered to be good quality table fish, although have soft flesh which results in a tendency to bruise easily ... after a single operator began targeting eastern school whiting, S ... It was soon discovered that stout whiting were highly abundant in the surrounding region and the fishery began to shift towards the species ...

Famous quotes containing the word whiting:

    A little nest that’s nestled where the roses bloom.
    —George Whiting (1884–1943)

    “Will you walk a little faster?” said a whiting to a snail,
    “There’s a porpoise close behind us, and he’s treading on my
    Lewis Carroll [Charles Lutwidge Dodgson] (1832–1898)