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Risk Factors For Breast Cancer - Racial and Socioeconomic Factors
... the US incidence is significantly lower and mortality higher among black women and this difference appears to persist even after adjustment for economic status ... incidence and mortality persist after adjustment for economic status between women of white, Hispanic and Asian origin in the US ... Several studies have found that black women in the U.S ...
Racial Inequality In The American Criminal Justice System - Factors Contributing To People Going To Prison - Effects On Families and Neighborhoods - Black Women
... and Lewis shows how incarcerated African American women were more likely to have been raised in a single female headed household while incarcerated white women were more likely to be raised in a two parent ... Black women’s lives are often shaped by the prison system because they have intersecting familial and community obligations ... of black men and the sex ratio imbalance it induces shape the behavior of young black women.” Education, fertility, and employment for black women are affected due to increased mass incarceration ...
One Thousand White Women
... One Thousand White Women The Journals of May Dodd (published by St ... in numbers and seek a way to assimilate into white society ... They decide to marry white women and have half-blood children, enabling the two cultures to blend naturally ...
American Social Policy During The Second Red Scare - Aspects of Post-war Social Policy
... Sexuality White women were contained to fit a feminine, yet not overtly sexual image ... Tight clothes were prescribed for women, including the bikini, named after the Bikini Atoll in the Pacific Ocean, site of nuclear weapon testing ... Education and employment White women were discouraged from pursuing higher education and careers ...
Combahee River Collective Statement - Addressing Racism in The White Women's Movement
... address issues of racism in the white women's movement ... is clear that "Eliminating racism in the white women's movement is by definition work for white women to do, but we will continue to speak out and to demand accountability on ...

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    Mothers who are strong people, who can pursue a life of their own when it is time to let their children go, empower their children of either gender to feel free and whole. But weak women, women who feel and act like victims of something or other, may make their children feel responsible for taking care of them, and they can carry their children down with them.
    Frank Pittman (20th century)

    On the whole, yes, I would rather be the Chief Justice of the United States, and a quieter life than that which becomes at the White House is more in keeping with the temperament, but when taken into consideration that I go into history as President, and my children and my children’s children are the better placed on account of that fact, I am inclined to think that to be President well compensates one for all the trials and criticisms he has to bear and undergo.
    William Howard Taft (1857–1930)