White Plains Road

White Plains Road is a major north-south thoroughfare which runs the length of the Bronx borough of New York City. It runs from Castle Hill and Clason Point in the south to Wakefield in the north, where it crosses the city line and becomes West 1st Street of Mount Vernon, New York. The Bronx River Parkway lies to its west and parallels much of its route. Between Magenta Street & 217th Street, White Plains Road is very wide due to the presence of the Gun Hill Road station house in the road's median.

For much of its length, White Plains Road runs below the New York City Subway line of the same name.

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... Jerome Avenue platforms and the lower-level White Plains Road platforms are perpendicular to each other. 149th Street – Grand Concourse IRT White Plains Road Line 5 ... 161st Street – Yankee Stadium 161st Street – Yankee Stadium IND Concourse Line B D A ... transfers The first portion of the IRT White Plains Road Line opened on November 26, 1904 as a branch from the elevated IRT Third Avenue Line north of 149th Street to 180th Street – Bronx Park in West Farms ...
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... Allerton Avenue is a local station on the IRT White Plains Road Line of the New York City Subway ... Located in the shopping district of Allerton, Bronx at Allerton Avenue and White Plains Road, it is served by the 2 train at all times, and the 5 train during rush hours in the peak direction ... The station signs are in the standard black name plates with white lettering ...
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